Cage privacy curtains

Here's easy instructions for creating covers for kennel doors. These covers offer cats some visual isolation when necessary, to manage their physical and emotional needs if frightened or timid.

There are many different types and sizes of kennels at shelters, so there will need to be several distinct sizes made. Patterns for each size are helpful & easy to make from heavy pattern paper. Or RIP fabric after measuring, much faster!

· A sewing machine & sharp scissors, paper patterns cut to size (if needed)
· Light weight material – from 24” to 35” wide
· Any colors or patterns that allow light & air through
· Permanent marker – mark each size of kennel or name of cage:

Medical, Cattery, S,M,L
· Shoebox or plastic box marked with each size for storage
. Plastic clothespins to pin up a corner or two as the cat becomes more acclimated.

To Start:
Measure the cage door from outside the bars on sides and top, including any metal loops or pins protruding, NOT the handle.
Add 2” to the width of the door measurement to allow for 1" seams.
Add 6” to the length of the door measurement to allow for 1” seams top & bottom & the 4” pocket sewn last. (or however deep your pocket needs to be). Better too big all around than too small, allow for shrinkage in wash.

Cut a piece of cloth according to the measurements you need.

Fold under & sew a seam around entire edge of fabric.
A serger does a fast job, adjust raw seam measurements to 1/2".
Use regular machine to sew flap edges down.

Fold top edge down so that a pocket is formed 4" deep (or your measure).

Sew along both side edges of flap to secure well, leaving pocket open.
Using a permanent marker, mark each cover according to cage size or name in lower righthand corner of finished cover.

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Kennel Comforters Volunteer Project

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Free beds help Shelters stretch their money for toys & other "enrichment items" to keep shelter pets occupied & stimulated while they wait, sometimes for months, for a new family & home. We need your help! Volunteer to make beds or donate fabric & stuffing to keep this important project going.